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The Homepage of William Orson Harris III

One Page Principle:
A specification that will not fit on one page of 8.5x11 inch
paper cannot be understood.
-- Mark Ardis

Welcome to my homepage, this is my non-facebook bio page, thanks for visiting! I live in Las Vegas, NV Honolulu, Hawaii San Francisco Bay Area. I keep files and information on this page that I like to share with people, so check back often for file updates. If you want real time information about what I am up to, then I suggest visiting my blog or Facebook page.

I enjoy board games like Backgammon, Chess and GO, reading, and Birding in and around the Las Vegas Honolulu Bay area. My Birding list is a work in progress, but you can check it out here. I am what most people would call a geek, and I am proud of this. Generally this means I love Star Wars, Dune, Science Fiction, Math, Computers, Role-playing Games, Insects, and I am trying to become a tournament level Chess player. I run a Sci-Fi book review site at SciFiBookReader. I am finishing my undergraduate degree in Mathematics, focusing on Operations Research.

Here are some various insignia that identify me as a member of certain cultural sub-groups:

Bear BrotherhoodUniversal Hacker SymbolUniversal Hacker Symbol

As profession I am a Geo-Technical Lab Manager for one of the oldest labs in San Francisco. Out of personal interest I am a Mathematician, Ecologist, and Writer. I am currently working on a few writing projects, some fiction and non-fiction.

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