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address -- with glue or cellophane tape (no staples or paper clips) --
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below your address label. (d) Then print on your 3x5 card, above your
computer-printed name and address the words "CARTER & VAN PEEL
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(without bending) into a plain envelope [NOTE: do NOT use the
Official Prize Claim and CVP Perfume Reply Envelope or you may be
disqualified], and mail to: CVP, Box 1320, Westbury, NY 11595. Print
this address correctly. Comply with above instructions carefully and
completely or you may be disqualified from receiving your prize.

Welcome to my homepage, this is my non-facebook bio page, thanks for visiting! I live in Las Vegas, NV Honolulu, Hawaii San Francisco Bay Area. I keep files and information on this page that I like to share with people, so check back often for file updates. If you want real time information about what I am up to, then I suggest visiting my blog or Facebook page.

I enjoy board games like Backgammon, Chess and GO, reading, and Birding in and around the Las Vegas Honolulu Bay area. My Birding list is a work in progress, but you can check it out here. I am what most people would call a geek, and I am proud of this. Generally this means I love Star Wars, Dune, Science Fiction, Math, Computers, Role-playing Games, Insects, and I am trying to become a tournament level Chess player. I run a Sci-Fi book review site at SciFiBookReader. I am finishing my undergraduate degree in Mathematics, focusing on Operations Research.

Here are some various insignia that identify me as a member of certain cultural sub-groups:

Bear BrotherhoodUniversal Hacker SymbolUniversal Hacker Symbol

As profession I am a Geo-Technical Lab Manager for one of the oldest labs in San Francisco. Out of personal interest I am a Mathematician, Ecologist, and Writer. I am currently working on a few writing projects, some fiction and non-fiction.

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